5 Black Owned Luxury Brands That Should Be On Your Radar

True to my nosy, nerdy roots, I love researching and discovering new products and learning about the brands behind them.  Because we here at Michelle Minott celebrate Black Excellence year-round, here’s the list of Black owned luxury brands I am currently loving:


  • Brother Vellies: My dedication to the beautiful shoes Creative Director and Founder Aurora James creates goes deep.  It’s not just about drool worthy shoes and bags; the company’s mission is to create and sustain African artisanal jobs while keeping traditional African design practices and techniques alive. Find the iconic snakeskin boots from the movie ‘Queen & Slim’ here.  After years of resisting the Birks trend, it was Brother Vellies that caused me to relent.  I now own multiple pairs of their Greg shoe.


  • Anima Iris: CEO and Founder Wilgory Tanjong’s designer handbag company Anima Iris is also dedicated to upholding African craftmanship.  Handmade in Dakar, Senegal, I love that each style has a futuristic yet vintage vibe- these bags are already Beyonce’ approved!  Even though I already own a custom Zuri in the richest green leather, I already have my eye on my next one.


  • Kendall Miles: Italian made luxury heels, boots and athletic shoes are the focus of Kendall Miles’s collection. It was the fur puff that sealed the deal on the Foxxy Flats for me. If fur isn’t for you there are plenty of exotic and opulent textures to choose from.


  • Brandon Blackwood: Every Brandon Blackwood product drop breaks the internet.  Famous for his iconic, now retired ESR (End Systemic Racism) Tote and Kuei Bag styles, Brandon has expanded his collection include eyewear and outerwear.  I love that each bag style is offered in a multitude of skins, textures and shades, tempting you to have one to match every outfit.  I cannot choose a favorite from my collection. Ok, it’s the Bamboo B Tote.  And the Leopard Kendrick Trunk.  Plus, the limited edition Chrome Mirror Leather Kamal Bucket Bag.  I told you I can’t choose!


  • Michelle Minott: This list wouldn’t be complete without yours truly!  Through this collection of Reiki infused, crystal charged handmade gold jewelry, we are fulfilling our mission to challenge the luxury market’s established standards of beauty and change the narrative around what is considered luxury and who gets to participate in it.  Each piece pays homage to Black culture, honoring the trailblazers who paved the way for the next generation.  Using domestically sourced gold and ethically sourced stones, each piece is either custom made or produced in small batches by local artisans. Come for the luxury healing bamboo earrings, stay for the monthly product drops.

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