Benefits of Pairing Rose Quartz and Purple Sapphire



The benefits of pairing Rose Quartz and Purple Sapphire featuring the Rose quartz , Diamond + Purple Sapphire Shield Pendant

Polished Rose Quartz Shield is set in 14k White Gold and features three Diamonds in the front and a surprise Purple Sapphire in the back.  You don’t see this stone combo often but you should because it can never pretty powerful.

  1. ties to open your heart to love and healing are aided by Purple Sapphire abilities to encourage deeper connection to and understanding of self.
  2. Healing: The comforting energy of purple is useful for reducing stress and anxiety in the physical body. And Rose Quartz soothes the emotional body, promoting harmony and tranquility.
  3. Protection: Together, Rose Quartz and purple sapphire emit soothing energies that can shield your heart from negative emotions.

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