Protect Your Peace


What does it look like to protect your peace?

I used to pride myself on being the ultimate problem solver.  In actuality, I spent years constantly in the state of reacting to drama (at work, in my family, in my relationships and friendships).
It wasn’t healthy- I was unhappy, physically ill at times and my nerves were always fried.  Now, I have finally mastered the art of protecting my peace.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

  • Choose your sanity. Take care of yourself first always.  For me, this means taking the time to find a state of calm to assess the whole issue rather than jumping in head first into the drama.
  • Their emergency doesn’t automatically mean your emergency. Emotional labor is real thing. Carrying it for others is choice, dear Fam. 
  • Speak on it. Or don’t. Say your piece, propose a solution if you have one to share or don’t. The point is you are in control and you can decide the path that is better for you and yours.
  • Don’t feel guilty for taking a pause from social media or social commitments IRL while you process and honor your feelings. You don’t have to react to every thing, have a knee jerk opinion on every issue or have a presence when you aren’t into it.
  • Release. You’ve found a state of calm, gathered your thoughts, took action (or chose non action), and rested your mind again. Now it’s time to release and let go of feelings that no longer serve you. Holding on to negativity can be toxic. Let that sh!t go Fam.

          I hope this helps! If it doesn’t resonate, let it go.  The choice is your Fam.

          With all the luv in the universe,



          We are Infinite. You are Divine. MM luvs U™️

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