Taking Care of Your Gold Jewelry

Keeping your gold jewelry bright and sparkly is easier than you think.

One of the things I love the most about wearing gold jewelry is the fact that I don’t have to take it off to swim, shower or sleep (although I don’t recommend sleeping or showering in your bigger pieces- it’s not comfortable!).  I plan on keeping my pieces for a long time- I’ll be passing them on to my nieces and son one day!

When it looks like it’s time to bring back the shine on my favorite gold hoops, I turn the process of gently cleaning and polishing into a calming ritual.  


  1. Dry polish before using home-based cleaners to clean your gold jewelry


  • For a deeper clean, soak the piece in warm water diluted with a small amount dish soap for a few minutes, then gently clean with a soft jewelry cloth.

Tip: Make sure to be careful of perfumes, oils or sprays directly on the surface as they dull shine over time.

Following these simple steps will help you protect your investment for years to come.

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