Virgo Season Reflections

 Courage • Compassion • Balance • Release
Virgo season? She came and went as if I didn’t know her. 
During Gemini season I started a monthly ritual: I've been sharing channeled guidance and gem prescriptions with you, the MM community. Things were moving along well until I performed the reading for September. Something was off. Because I didn’t understand the meaning immediately, I figured I must have been hearing it wrong. I tried three different times. Pulled cards from different decks but the divination was always the same. I hesitated on sharing and as a result, you never received the guidance. I held those messages inside.
Looking back, it seems fitting that I experienced self sabotage in September. My moon and three other placements are in Virgo (the perfectionist of the zodiac). 
Now that we are well into Libra season, time has illuminated a revelation. My subconscious mind was attempting to control the outcome. I wanted the direction to be shiny, positive, and perfect. We all know that isn't real life. When I look back at three(!) pages of channeled notes, the messages sent to us are clear): 
  • Protect your heart, mind and energy from jealousy within. There is no need to compare yourself to anyone else. You are one of one. 
  • You deserve the same compassion you give to others. Where can you be kinder to yourself? 
  • Carve out downtime to recharge; clarity of your purpose comes with rest.
  • Recognizing and releasing toxic patterns allows space for transformation.
Sharing this with you now is how I'm following that last message.  

When you reflect on last month and/or Virgo season, did you encounter similar themes? 

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