Welcome to the World of Michelle Minott

A letter from Founder, CEO and Creative Director Michelle Minott

We do it for our culture, honoring our past and supporting our future.

Hey friend, I’m so glad you are here!  Because I grew up loving art, fashion, jewelry and gems, the seeds of this company were planted in childhood. 

Becoming successful as a Black woman in a corporate environment required me to soften my edges to seem more palatable and code switch to “fit in”.  As I ascended the corporate ladder as a designer in my 20s, I found myself looking to both celebrate my accomplishments and make a greater investment in items that would last.  I wanted to pay respect and honor to the trailblazers who paved the way. I craved items that were deluxe but allowed me to keep my identity intact.  

To me, nothing sounded more luxurious than a pair of light weight, genuine Rose Gold bamboo hoops.  Not only could I not find them, but I felt marginalized when I shopped in luxury stores and unseen when I looked at the marketing for high end brands. The message of the old establishment seems to be that what we find beautiful, what we value isn’t luxurious.

My vision is for us to change the narrative around what is considered luxury and who gets to experience it. I want for us as a collective to see ourselves represented, know that we matter and that we deserve all the beauty, love, joy and rest the world has to offer.  

We are my why. Knowing this keeps me focused on creating luxury quality heirlooms infused with the highest intention, beautifully packaged to provide the most special unboxing experience and ready to be treasured for lifetimes to come. 

This Reiki cleansed and charged fine jewelry brand will always consist of pieces that represent our culture's rich history and lineage with a luxury twist.  I want Michelle Minott to be with you at any and every stage of your life. When you are young, your first step into luxury. Once you are your path, a safe space to buy whatever you desire unapologetically. As time goes on, a trusted source for the heirlooms that will augment the legacy you share with loved ones.  

The goal is to create a space where an abundance mindset is the norm for us to embody. I want to live in a world where we feel comfortable in luxury spaces. A world in which we are catered to and are visible in the same way as other segments of the population. For us to feel confident taking up space but also feel free to embrace our vulnerable parts too. For us to not feel othered for seeking healing, treating ourselves with love and care and setting the standard for treatment of the highest vibration. My dream is for all of this to lead to future generations having the ability to just simply be; personifying all of the above without the inner and outer conflict.

If you are here, you want to both celebrate and nurture Black women and Black femmes. I love that for us.  

Welcome, you are where you belong. 

MM luvs u <3

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