Which Sapphire Color Is Right For You?

Sapphires represent royalty, abundance and blessings.

It has also been used for protection against negativity, to strengthen intuition and calm the mind.  

I was inspired to work with this stone for the above reason and also because it comes in so many beautiful colors!  I love that each shade can be used to support a different chakra or metaphysical need.  

  • 🕊White Sapphire opens crown chakra and brings wisdom and clarity of mind.
  • 💖Pink Sapphire is said to stimulate emotions of love, forgiveness, acceptance and aids in releasing what no longer serves the wearer’s highest intentions. 
  • 🍊Orange Sapphire opens your mind to divine inspiration & can enhance desire💦.
  • ☀️Yellow Sapphire attracts wealth💰and prosperity, divine grace and power.  
  • 💚Green Sapphire stimulates the heart chakra, inspires loyalty and integrity.
  • 🧿 Blue Sapphire aids in communication, strengthening of the mind and can help one find inner peace.
  • 💜Purple Sapphire symbolizes spiritual clarity, a sense of peace and deeper connection to one’s higher power. It can aid in meditation. 
  • 🌈 Rainbow Sapphire: combines all the qualities listed above and supports the whole body and all chakras.

Find your signature Michelle Minott Sapphire style here

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